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ED_Alloc No Free Edicts has a fix.

A Forum Thread for Half-Life

Finally the ED_Alloc No Free Edicts error has been fixed!

I'm actually surprised I haven't seen this posted yet. ======================== What are Edicts? ======================== Edicts are slots for entities. If too many entities are spawned and the limit has been reached, the server will crash with the Error message "No free edicts". ======================== How did this fix become avaliable? ======================== Somewhen in 2004 the Valve Developer Alfred Reynold added a command line to HL 1 which allows to increase the default amount of edicts from 900 to anything you want! The problem is, that noone got ever informed about it. ======================== So how do I fix it anyway? ======================== You set it up like this: -> Steam Games List -> Right click on any goldsource modification -> Properties -> Set launch options -> Write "-num_edicts 2047" there, without the quotes. The number may vary. -> Close both windows with the Ok button -> Start your game and spam entities SOURCE.


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    You should post it to tutorials
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    Pros: This is like a vista fix! It hellped me on the mod Resident Evil: Cold Blood Cons: none Improvements: none Notes: It can be used as a vista fix.
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    Posted by Lachtan You should post it to tutorials
    Hmm, I was a bit unsure as I am new to registering on this site and I've still to get used to it all. Since I wasn't sure I put it in what game it was for : Half-Life.
    Now sing along kids!


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