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World war two for CSS

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

World war two for CSS

IF anyone knows any good skins,Gloves,Sleeves,Weapons,Grenades,And Knife weapons from world war two era for CSS (Counter strike source)Please link them?Please?Bye.And those who say look yourself i have its kinda hard..I cant seem to find ANYTHING.


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    Why don't you just go take a look you're self? If you don't know where the skin section is click me! If you didn't know that we also have a search engine click me!
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    Take a look through the skins section, you can find everything yourself.
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    Jiggle Jiggle
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    Or buy Day Of Defeat: Source.
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    Leave your radio on during the
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    Day of Defeat sucks IMO I think a Kark98 for scout/awp, and Ppsh for p90 would be two nice skins.. I'd donate all my 300 points toward either a good looking kark98 sniper or Ppsh for smg CSS skin..
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    I got 99 problems but a bitch
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    I'd like a mp44 for my m4a1 a luger/p38 for my deagle a 98k for my awp..a MG-42 LMG (Light machine gun)For the m249 a mp40 for the mp5..Or a PPSH for my p90 (Like you said) or a mosin nagant pistol for my deagle too.. a DDP (russian LMG) For on and so forth


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