How to make a monster run some path?

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Monster_human_grunt's should run through some path points. HowTo?

Have some problems while modmaking. I want some group of monster_human_grunt (or also other monsters) after trigger run from one point to another throught some path points. What I tried to do: 1. = pc1 (1st path_corner in chain) - don't work, monster stand still. 2. (Spirit of Half Life) Behind the wall there are 3 monstermaker's, every makes only 1 monster_human_grunt simultaneously, setting it a netname (Name of Spawned Monsters) to hgr1,hgr2 & hgr3. As I understood soon, while first have a name, second made monster is unnamed until first one will die. I put 3 trigger_startpatrol (SoHL), that makes every of hgr 1,2,3 to run to the first path_corner in chain. Put also a multi_manager, that starts trigger_startpatrol's. After trigger_multiple multi_manager starts, only first hgr1 runs. After it will die, activating of trigger_multiple will make the second one to run... 3. Made 6 monster_human_grunt's on map and one trigger_startpatrol, that makes first of them (named hgr1) to run, other are unnamed. I turned on it's squad leader flag and set other hgrunts' parameter "squad leader" to hgr1. First one walks from one path_corner to other and stops on the 3rd one, another hgrunts stands still. When 1st is attacked, some of them run (not to path_corner, but closest way to me) and attack me. BUT I need they to run exactly by the path, maybe shooting enemys. What should I do? Maybe some examples, who made it? Sorry for my bad English.


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    Good tutorial. :)
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