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What do ppl call phongy?

Excuse me , i am not good or dont even know about creating skins , i do would like to paste some sprays or HUDs but Ive seen ppl saying tooo trying to make my way to a good criticizer or critic on skin,sprays or more but i got to know the fps vocabulary


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    Phong is the lighting on a model. I believe that its vALVE's own creation but I'm not exactly sure.
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    Phong is the lighting system used in textures to simulate dynamic lighting. If you're only going to be pasting sprays or HUD's, then I wouldn't worry so much about it.
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    Content creator from CSBanana
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    Phong is a Direct X9 shader. It uses lighting from sources such as sunlight, lights, light_spots, or any other item that gives of the appearance of light.

    Phong can either be wet looking, or give the affect of shiny metal. If a normal map is applied, phong will use the normal map's bumps and such to direct the phong in different strengths and areas.

    Its what makes the weapons shiny in TF2.

    Phong also exists in games like Bioshock, and BF2.
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    Hey ppl thanks a lot :) and that my feedback
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