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Specificaly the doors...

To all FPSBanana's I am in the process of making a cs1.6/cscz map and have come to a problem. I have dowloaded a 4 level elevator prefab (can't remember where from) and modified it to my specs plus adding doors to each level the elevator stops at. I need help with two problems, they are as follows; 1) I am unable to make the doors close before the elevator moves to the next level. 2) I would like to put doors on the elevator itself which move with it to each floor so as to seem that they are part of the elevator. I have a basic knowledge of multimanagers by looking at tutoorials and the elevator prefab, but when I use them to fix problem 1, the elevator stops functioning on some levels. In regards to problem 2, I have found a tutorial on how to do this by using the func_train entity but am confused by how I could fit it in with the existing elevator entities and on multiple levels. If someone... anyone would like to help, I can send the RMF file and whatever payment deemed worthy on completion. I would greatly appreciate any help whatsoever.


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