Adding textures to a .wad?

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Wally doesn't support 32 bit textures

Hi, i want to add a bunch of images to a .wad, the problem is that they're 32 bit and wally does not support them ("This is 32 bit image, this feature is not supported" etc) is there another way to add them to a .wad? if that's not possible, how can I convert them to 16 bit so I can add them? thanks


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    You have to convert it to 8 bit, not 16 bit. Open up the image in photoshop, go to mode, than indexed color, select a variant that doesn't affect the quality of the picture, usually local selective. Go to save, and make sure it saves as 8 bit. Also make sure the size is uniform, ie 256x256.
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    Hey thanks. in the end it was taking too long to convert each pic like that, so i just had to use a batch converter to turn them all into .jpgs and accepted the quality loss

    thanks again


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