Where to find good pugs?

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Does anyone know where to sind pugs

Well i used to play some pickup games all the time back in the days of no job car or bills but lately freetime has given me my favorite hobby back, Cs:S of course, so any one know where to find good pugs or auto pug-matching programs or whatnot


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    It's ESEA FTW.

    It costs 6$ a month, but its soooo fucking worth it.

    Features the ESEA Anti-cheat client that is also the 'auto-pug' that you want. All you do is click join and you immediately get put in a pug. There you can choose the rules you play, (CGS, CAL, CEVO). Then you pick the map you want to play. The pug is Lo3'd and you are playing. At the end of the pug, it shows you your stats.

    You can play with actual professionals, not have to worry about teamwork or strategy, and you can just work on your skill.

    Highly recommended.


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