Need help finding a speciffic file!

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I need help finding a specific file in the Gmod 9 directory (propably in the gcf's)

I need help finding a specific file in the Gmod 9 directory, but it could allso be in the gcf's. Anyway, the file I'm looking for, I don't know it's name, but I think it could be "C_BasePlayer.cpp" or "C_BasePlayer.h". Mabey. I is a writeable text file or something in particular. The thing I know for sure is that the following text/lines are IN IT: bool C_BasePlayer::ShouldDrawLocalPlayer() { //return input->CAM_IsThirdPerson() || ( ToolsEnabled() && ToolFramework_IsThirdPersonCamera() ); // Fix To always draw local player return true; // !Fix } Or something like this. Some few changes, and this will make the player (model) visible in cameras and vehicles (like in Gmod 10/11). I am sure this will help lots of peoples, for fun, and for making movies etc. I am going to make this into a mod or something that I will post here on FPS banana (propably) I WILL put your names in the credits if you help me! Including some peoples that already have helped me, like Johnny Higgins, which have helped me A LOT by telling me all this. Thanks to all help I can get! ;)


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    That's to be used in the source code of the engine, Unless Gmod9 is open source (which it is not) then you can't change that.

    Just buy Garry's Mod 10.. It's only $10 and it has a LOT more features than Garry's Mod 9
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    No way at all? too bad. I am planning of buyin Gmod 10/11, but I don't think it works on my computer. It really sucks! Sometime I will get a new, but not at the moment. My family cannot afford it yet :(
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    Posted by TheKris555

    I don't think it works on my computer

    Why shouldn't it work? If garry's mod 9 works, then works garrys mod 10 too.
    turds taste like shit


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