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Hey guys, Well i haven't played BF1942 in a longggg time, so today i decided to re-install it on my computer. The only problem being, that my cd is too scratched to be read. Does anybody know where i can DOWNLOAD the client (legally) , and just enter my CD key, instead of installing it from cd? Thank!


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    Torrents are legal as long as you actually own the game.
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    Oh, really? I didn't know that.
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    "You're messing with the wrong
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    Well you could go to a store and buy some contraption XD that cleans your CD so the speak
    over here in belgium theres this gamestore where you cn erase the scratches for free(if you bought a game once there)
    idk where you live?

    maybe i should start looking at your name

    or not,seems like your from the usa
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    So we can post anything here?
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    Same thing happened to me. My disc got too damaged(I mean it's been like 5 years), so I did the smart thing. I downloaded the imgage file for the disc, and mounted it to my nero virtual drive. As long as your have the game registered with your cd key from the disc that doesn't work, well now you can play again. And you don't need to listen to that disc spinning while you play :D.
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