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Not starting? Lolwut?

So, a few days ago I downloaded the Crysis Demo and downloaded some .CFG's so my old computer could run it (lol) After a few hours of playing I installed the sandbox editor and tried to find out how it worked. That was pretty fun :P And yesterday I got a retail version of Crysis. I installed it, played it a little, and wanted to install the editor there so I would have access to all of the content instead of only the demo content. It asked me to delete the sandbox from the old place, I did that, and installed it in the new folder. And here comes the problem: When I press the icon for the editor, it blinks very fast one time with the splash screen, and then.... Nothing! :< Do any of you have a reason or even better, a solution? Thanks :P EDIT: It was a .dll which the installer had forgotten for so e reason :S Problem solved!



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