I GET KICKED few seconds after joining

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Okej So when i join a server i get kicked like 10-20 sec after all i get is a message saying punkbuster doesnt say your ping is to high or anything JUST punkbuster how do i fix this whats this about


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    The same thing happens to me in Battlefield 2. No idea why...
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    Have you updated both BF and PB?
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    Darren Little.
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    I'm guessing that the BattleField games have PunkBuster as an anti-cheat engine, correct?

    If so, then go into your game options and tick a box named "Enable PunkBuster Protection". That should fix it.
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    Look for other threads and you will find what you look for. or LEARN to use google. it is there for a reason you know..
    "You're messing with the wrong
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    Your firewall must allow punkbuster and if youre using vista run as administrator
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    Blood is the Price of Glory
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    Update Punkbuster.

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