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This is the long w8ed map !!

What you think about the new surf_velocity map. atm its played in ca 2 or 2½ hour on NLN server and i wanna ask all who tried or havent tried what they think, to tell about map stage 1 : copy mark Stage 2 : JackTheStripper Stage 3 : Sangre Nueva Stage 4 : me (hellraisedsurfer) stage 5 : Target Practice Stage 6 : JesusWasHomeless Bonus: JesusWasHomeless Jails by several pplz (doesnt remember all names) this map is waited for ca. ½ year or 8 months, its a map for the skill surfing clan surf velocity alot beta testers tested the stages the only non public tested is my stage and jesus bonus... at the start nearly noone could end jesus stage, 20 ppls tested in 3 hours 3 or 4 ppls ended :p now several more can do it... ppls i kno can end: me, miggo13, copymark, blankz, stuntmanmike. the map were under creation in alot time as told... i made the stage cuz of black sheep and ryan S quited project... blacksheep dumped out sins he made 3 stages which werent accepted, and ryan Sterner dumped cuz he leaved sv and joined intox... so i got it like 1 month ago.. i used 1 week to make the beta... but enough of me :p well theres a movie on the map :p well :p i just wanna kno what everyone think about or what they think about design, look, fun, skill etc.!



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