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Tracking your Customizations

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

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Track and Revert (Delete New) Customizations (if they are causing consistency errors from steam or whatever)

Introductions ============== Hello, i'm new here but this seems to be a big community, respect to all the makers of the customizations (i love my m4 skin). Anyway down to business. How it works ===================== This may not have been necessary or there may of been a better way of doing it but i have written a PHP program (i know it's server-side) that can "Capture" all the files in certain directories (mulitple directories, or single). The purpose is that i can initially "Save" the structure (lists all the files) of certain directories. It can then tell me if there are any "New" or "Missing" files according to the original "Snapshot" of the directories. (This includes every sub-directory of the directories you specify). (I can also "Exclude" certain Directories so that it doesn't find all the "Downloaded Server Content" and say there are hundreds of new files) It can also "Delete" all the new files it finds. it's Purpose ==================== Now this means that you can take a "Snapshot" before you install new skins, play some servers and if you dont like em just run the script and tell it to delete (a lot quicker than manually deleting hundreds of VTF/VMT etc files that you have to find first :P). It's a major headache/time saver. Usability/Portability =================== If you know what PHP is you are probably wondering "Well, you need a webserver installed on the computer that can run PHP and MySQL" (it uses mysql to store the file structures). I am currently trying to use one of the free "PHP Compilers" which should turn it into a fully independant Executable (.exe), which can be run on any computer with windows. (In fact ive jsut tried to run Roadsend's compiler but it wont open for some reason, maybe its vista). Conclusions and Questions ================== So the reason for this thread, is that i want to know how many people are interested in this, if enough are interested then i will add some finishing touches to the script (it's pretty bland right now as i'm the only one that uses it and i know how it works well). and if there is any C Programmers out there (C/C++/C#) i'd love to hear if you can help me port it from PHP (In fact PHP and C++ has more similarities than u might think :P). Phew that was a long post, thanks for reading. PS: If you have a webserver installed that has php/mysql i will gladly hand you the script to use at will. though i will not be held responsible for any damages of course by mis-using the script. Extra Notes ================== Please pay attention to the posting guidelines i have set for replying to this thread, thank you :) Thanks for reading. (I would start a poll but i dont think i can, i'm brand new to these forums :) )
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