USD 26 battlefield 2142 key?

A Forum Thread for Battlefield 2142

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Has anyone bought a bf 2142 key on A bunch of sellers claim that these are all new in box and they have good feedback. I just don't want to get a copy that someone has installed, used the CD-Key, and then I get some bootleg version


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    Why not just go out and buy a retail version? It's safer that way.
    Wait, what do I put here again
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    Yea. what ninja said.
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    You can buy a brand new copy of it, cd and all for 19 dollars on Amazon.
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    Eater of Bananas
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    Tacgnol is gnooooooooooool
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    I bought a new copy of the game today, only to find the serial number had been used already?
    What. The. Fuck?
    Why should I pay a shitload of cash at the ridiculously expensive shops in town for a serial number that has been nabbed? I'm real fucked off!

    I emailed EA to send me a replacement code, cos it's fucking stupid.
    Dapper Bastard


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