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I am working on a mod and i want the enemies to be sorta like the zombies in zombie mod. I have given them the speed, but i dont know what to do to make them go backwards when hit. I know to type event player_hurt { est_physpush event_var(userid) x y z } but i don't know what axis to type the number in. If anybody knows what one to put the number in please post. Thanks -Bananarama


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    event player_hurt
    if (event_var(attacker) != event_var(userid)) do
    if (event_var(attacker) != 0) do
    // t = sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z)
    // x /= t
    // y /= t
    // z /= t

    es_getplayerprop fA event_var(attacker) "CBaseEntity.m_vecOrigin"
    es_getplayerprop fB event_var(userid) "CBaseEntity.m_vecOrigin"
    es_createvectorfrompoints fC server_var(fA) server_var(fB)
    es_splitvectorstring x y z server_var(fC)

    es_keygetvalue _weapon weapons pushscale event_var(weapon)

    es_xmathparse vt "sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2)"
    es_xmathparse x "_weapon*(x/vt)"
    es_xmathparse y "_weapon*(y/vt)"
    es_xmathparse z "_weapon*(z/vt)"

    es_createvectorstring fB server_var(x) server_var(y) server_var(z)
    es_setplayerprop event_var(userid) "CCSPlayer.baseclass.localdata.m_vecBaseVelocity" server_var(fB)

    You need to combine it with a weapons database file though.
    "awp" "600" // Magnum Sniper Rifle
    "g3sg1" "400" // D3/AU1
    "sg550" "300" // Krieg 550 Commando
    "galil" "100" // IDF Defender
    "ak47" "200" // CV-47
    "scout" "300" // Schmidt Scout
    "sg552" "300" // Krieg 552
    "famas" "100" // Clarion 5.56
    "m4a1" "300" // Maverick M4A1 Carbine
    "aug" "330" // Bullpup
    "usp" "80" // KM .45 Tactical
    "glock" "50" // 9x19mm Sidearm
    "p228" "60" // 228 Compact
    "deagle" "200" // Night Hawk .50C
    "elite" "100" // .40 Dual Elites
    "fiveseven" "80" // ES Five//Seven
    "m3" "250" // Leone 12 Gauge Super
    "xm1014" "230" // Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
    "mac10" "70" // Ingram MAC-10
    "tmp" "70" // Schmidt Machine Pistol
    "mp5navy" "100" // KM Sub-Machine Gun
    "ump45" "90" // KM UMP45
    "p90" "120" // ES C90
    "m249" "200" // M249
    "flashbang" "60" // Flashbang
    "hegrenade" "240" // Hegrenade
    "smokegrenade" "60" // Smoke Grenade


    This way eliminates the use of EST as well. =)
    I know I already showed you on STEAM, but this is just for anyone who might see the thread and wonder what the answer was.
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