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CSS defrag

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Hey guys, I was launching CSS this morning and its told there was a possibiliy that my gaming and loading may be slow because its all fragmented, Steam defraged the game. Anyone else had this done? Pretty weird... Ima defrag my pc later today.


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    I don't defrag my games too often...
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    Yea I got that on a few games a few days ago, hadn't defragged in ages. It's all good though. Didn't notice any change in loading times..
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    Saw it a few days ago, was wondering why my lag was so bad :P
    Hostile! budjee
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    Had this last week too. Idk why. I was deleting alot of leftover skin files to make room for new ones and it came up when I started up steam to re download any necessairy files I might have deleted. It took a good 7 minutes to finish.


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