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Surf hacks =(

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

I has them?

-=SeG=-|>๖ۣۜDark๖ۣۜRave : cheater _#AM Barc0de_ : rofl _#AM Barc0de_ : yeah -=SeG=-|>๖ۣۜDark๖ۣۜRave : voteban _#AM Barc0de_ : I have surf hacks .єҲє׀»Ҳâĺįėŋ : voteban _#AM Barc0de_ : Of course. _#AM Barc0de_ : Because surf hacks exist. Player -=SeG=-|>๖ۣۜDark๖ۣۜRave voted to ban _#AM Barc0de_, 3 votes required Player .єҲє׀»Ҳâĺįėŋ voted to ban _#AM Barc0de_, 2 votes required |ђƒ¢|»BúﺎﺎєŦ« @¢L : lol |ђƒ¢|»BúﺎﺎєŦ« @¢L : omg |ђƒ¢|»BúﺎﺎєŦ« @¢L : why? .єҲє׀»Ҳâĺįėŋ : hab schon |ђƒ¢|»BúﺎﺎєŦ« @¢L : he dn hack he cant Player zippO[2F]@Pasiradio voted to ban _#AM Barc0de_, 1 vote required _#AM Barc0de_ : You cant surf hack _#AM Barc0de_ : What the hell |ђƒ¢|»BúﺎﺎєŦ« @¢L : lol _#AM Barc0de_ : Spectate me or something .єҲє׀»Ҳâĺįėŋ : hab direkt nach dir Player FlipKon[2F]@Pasiradio voted to ban _#AM Barc0de_, 0 votes required Player _#AM Barc0de_ has been banned by user vote You have been banned by vote Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
Okay, so, apparently I have surf hacks... Oh and could someone translate the German text?



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