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I can"t see any sprays in tf2 and i'm pisssed

Yeah I can't see sprays on tf2 after i like put on the "TF2 Tweaker" from the tools section. I downloaded it and i made all of the tweaks I wanted, but then later when I played TF2, I tried to show some guy a spray. Then I pressed T and he saw the spray but i couldn"t. So if anyone has an idea why please let me know please. I'm begging you!!!


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    There is an option in the Options menu, Multiplayer tab that has a checkbox to disable sprays. Check to see the box is unchecked.
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    I think there might be an option in the Multiplayer tab (in the options menu) to enable or disable your abilities to see sprays, although I'm not 100% sure about that.
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    Probly a setting in the tweaker so help keep fps higher

    but if you already went through it and checked every setting then i guess get rid of the tweaker and or set the game back to its original state
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    Go into your options and I think it's under 'Advanced' in the multiplayer tab and set your decal limit to 200 or something around there.
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    and im having this problem too :S
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    Yeah i too have used the tweaker and it disables sprays on one of the options.
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    Does the name of the spray (tga) have any special characters in it? Because that makes them not appear in cs:s and it might be your problem.
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    Thank you, ur idea worked


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