Bioshock question

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If i buy bioshock on steam? do i get infinite installs like all steam games? or does it have the copyright protection of only 4 installs like if you buy the disk?


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    I never knew you can onley install a game 4 times...
    Novint Falcon User
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    You get unlimited installs the last time I checked.
    Silence Twice Shoot Once
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    Yes you can, I'm sure of it.

    Also - It did used to be limited to 4 installs, and still is, on the alone version.
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    Manifestation of Punishment
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    I have installed CS:S source at least 5 times. I had to re-install windows the other day and it wiped of all my games and custom skins.

    Don't worry, you get unlimited installs because once you bought it, its yours to what you like with! p.s - signing in on your account on someone elses PC and downloading a game, then signing into their profile doesn't work. Neither does shifting over the data from one user to the other. Purchases are registered in steams database so there some concrete evidence right there ;P
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    Fractals in Nature
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    Alright thanks alot guys :D
    And... here...we.........go!


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