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Kat_Fish talks about France and incest

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Kat_fish: I've had my share of incest.

This is from FPSB's IRC channel, #fpsbanana on gamesurge. Why are you not there? >:(
Judo: kat_fish: have you ever watched Reboot? :) kat_fish: No /sadface Judo: you won't believe this but Judo: it's this awesome TV series from..... Canada Judo: first full-3D show, too kat_fish: Why wouldn't I believe that? =\ Judo: still the best Judo: 'cause America's hat sucks? Judo: :D kat_fish: Nuh uh kat_fish: Everyone knows it is whats wearing the hat that does the sucking! Judo: well, that's true, but we do a lot of good things, too kat_fish: Yeah, true. Judo: It's a love/hate relationship Judo: always has been Judo: at least we don't drink tea all day kat_fish: Still, canada hosts my girlfriends family, and is therefore, awesome. kat_fish: I don't drink tea, ever! kat_fish: I do love crumpets though... Judo: Yeah, like 30 miles north of the US border, I bet kat_fish: Much much further actually. kat_fish: farther* Judo: meh Judo: at least they're not France kat_fish: Very, VERY true. kat_fish: Us brits, we hate the french more than anyone. Judo: Robin Williams did a great thing on the french... Judo: just a sec Judo: kat_fish: I hate you, you hate me, lets tie america to a tree with a president up its arse and a bullet in his head, sorry children free speech is dead. Judo: warning: lots of "bad" words kat_fish: OH NOES kat_fish: BAD WORDS kat_fish: XD kat_fish: haha, that was great, thanks for sharing Judo: and that's why everyone hates France kat_fish: Personally, I hate france because it is full of french people. Judo: have they done anything for humanity? kat_fish: I've been meaning to ask you, what do you think of this "Site Cleanup" going on at FPSB. Judo: the forums are retarded Judo: no one knows English Judo: everything is insulting Judo: off-topic kat_fish: I don't know...I suppose if france wasn't there us brits would have some trouble building a tunnel to mainland europe... Judo: etc. kat_fish: I loved the forums when I first came to FPSB Judo: I'd think that, if some other country were there, things would be much quicker kat_fish: I meant if the area we know as france was just completely void of land, but if france were say, germany instead, that'd be awesome Judo: hmmm Judo: well, you couldn't connect it to Spain since their language sucks Judo: and you couldn't connect to Germany because it's evil kat_fish: o_o kat_fish: Germany is not evil. Judo: maybe portugal? kat_fish: Portugal...Nah... Judo: portugal has nice womenz kat_fish: I'd say Sweden Judo: Oh, that's a good idea Judo: quick access to Ikea kat_fish: Yeah kat_fish: Ikea to sweden is like Mc. Donalds to America Judo: except we're not proud of mickey d's kat_fish: Yeah kat_fish: Some of you are. Judo: well, they're rednecks Judo: they're screwy in the head from all the incest kat_fish: lol kat_fish: Ah kat_fish: I've had my share of incest. Judo: O_O Judo: WHAT?! kat_fish: Well kat_fish: At a party Judo: kat_fish: I've had my share of incest. kat_fish: With a mixture of family, and friends, half and half really kat_fish: There was this Dutch girl that seemed about my age, did not speak a word of English though kat_fish: We made out, touched inappropriately, the end kat_fish: I found out she was my..third cousin kat_fish: No blood relation kat_fish: Still lame though Judo: to be honest, i don't see it as a gigantic problem unless there's offspring kat_fish: So you wouldn't see me sucking my dad off and fucking my mum a problem so long as we dont have kids? Judo: still, i'm not going to do it kat_fish: Awesome Judo: i find it to be gross kat_fish: Yeah kat_fish: It was kat_fish: I mean kat_fish: It is kat_fish: It is. kat_fish: No kat_fish: I mean kat_fish: It would be. Judo: kat_fish: I've had my share of incest. kat_fish: Ahah... Judo: :D


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    Oh my. You included the part about the frenchies too! Awesome.
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    <3 <3 <3
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    Posted by capichef BzH ???
    Oh shi- These threads bore me now. My short attention span doesn't allow me to read the whole thing D:
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    I vote for removal of the IM conversations section ! :D Who's with me!?
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    I vote to keep the IM conversations section ! :D Who's with me!? ^^
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    Sometimes I'm just not sure
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    Ye keep them but dont post like 2 pages of conversations its really boring to read. Judo: you know that atleast I am regulary on the IRC Channel ;)
    Common sense is not so common
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