I can not see some things.

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Some things are shown in black.

Hi there... This is my first Post. Well... I've got a CFGs Running in my Counter Strike Source. When I start playing in a server Which have something to show me another place of the map, I just see a black square. Could you help me?? Exemple: In this map: cs_obstacle_final. There's a Room which you have to press some Secrets botoms. There's a Map that shows you where they are. I CAN NOT SEE THAT MAP. Some friends told me there was one, but I can not see it :(. HELP PLZ!!


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    You mean a monitor? Yeah it happens.. Server error or something..

    Btw, awesome title :P
    ETC not ECT
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    First ask people in the server you are having the problem in to see if they are having the same problem.

    If they aren't, IDK, my friend sees the same thing. For example, he has to put his cross hair on a player or look at the silhouette of a player before he even knows if its a teammate or not. On his 2nd computer its fine. He only plays on my server, and no one else has this problem. There are other reasons I think what I think. I conclude that it is a graphics card error or insufficiency. Even though it says minimum requirements you should go as much better as you can afford.

    It's easy to upgrade a desktop. Just find out what kind of slot you have i.e. pci, pcie-1, pcie-16 or what ever. I got a 512m pcie-16 2.0 for $70. Or you could spent like $450 if you have the cash lying around ;)

    As a last resort you could just get a new computer. HECK IT WORKED FOR ME! I love HSN! <--- look it up if you don't know what it is, or ask your mom. Keep in mind I'm assuming you are having a graphics card error.

    You should really go to Steam support via your games page.

    Hope this helps! :)
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    Perhaps its your video card?Ask steam support as said above.


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