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Proffesional counterstrikesource clan searching community.

Hello! Alot of you may not understand my request but I'm searching for a community who can sponsor us with some stuffs as a homepage, ventrilo server and etc. We want it to be a serious community. We are top10 in sweden when it's about the game CounterStrike:Source so we are a good team around ages 16-17. We are often going to bootcamps togheter and to practice. We've won alot of tournaments and leagues. So if you have a community that is searching a css team then tell me here on fpsbanana. Thx! (We will go under the name that your community is called)


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    Wrong forum :D
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    Please add your clan to the "Clans" page, don't advertise it in the forum.
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    I doubt that you'll find anybody here. Most of the people on this website have never played a day out of Open or even know what CAL or CEVO is, you're better off looking on mIRC rather than here for a sponsor.
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