Requesting "infected" gamemode

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Requesting "infected" gamemode

First: i don't realy know where to post it so i post it here now, i requesting a gamemode(i think you would call it a gamemode) where all the bots or players(you can choose witch you want to) in the team you choose(ct or t) are like "infected", they run around fast with low health(not zombiemod). The "infected" only have a knife, just a normal not modified knife that hurts then kill you(not turns you in to a zombie). the "infected" have a norman human speed and normal 100 health. when a human die they atomaticly switch in to the "infected" team. and when a zombie die they just respawn. when all the humans are killed(or all the "infected" killd at the same time) the round restarts and the players who were humans before atomaticly switches back to the human team. Pretty much like l4d, not like zombiemod. if this thing dosean't already exist i'm would be very, VERY happy if someone made it for me(and everybody else who want it).


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    Sounds like the game "Infected". Why don't you just get it?
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    Back but not with a vengeance
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    If you had any idea how much time, resources, and energy goes into making mods, you wouldn't even bother requesting this.
    Back From the Dead
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    You can't just come in here and request a game mod for nothing.
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