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Description: Cs:Source Frag Movie Duration : 10:46 Codec: X264 (Play with VLC media player) Resolution: 800 by 600 Its complete, accounting for roughly 2 months of active play this footage is spread out over several months due to some inactivity from me for a few months as I have been busy with work. My first real movie and it took too many hours what with editing and collecting footage, however I am happy with the final product. I have learnt a lot about movie making by doing this and have enjoyed making it but it does take too much time so this may well be my last movie. I have put as much originality into this movie as possible but I have also learnt a lot from watching lots of other movies so thanks to the other producers as well as my team mates. Well there you have it I hope you all enjoy it! Youtube: Filefront:


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    Thats better
    Why you trippin'? I aint even  avatar
    Why you trippin'? I aint even
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    Could use with some improvements - the intro looked a bit odd to me, some clips were playbacked with low framerate, no colorsettings whatsoever, and I didn't quite like the music. I noticed that there was no syncing from what I saw. Overall it's not bad, but nothing amazing. You're getting there, just keep editing :P
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    Not bad overall, but you give up too easily. Try sticking to a theme of effects.
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    Akimbo !
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    You use the intro to Knights of Cydonia and not the rest of the song? Tsk Tsk..
    Back From the Dead
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    It isn't bad or anything but you really need some better frags and music. The effects aren't that great either. Really, the main problem that I see is just too much filler content. The music also doesn't work with the frags either, it doesn't even get you excited over the frags you are watching, all it does is makes me want to sleep. Just keep working on it and you'll get it right.
    I like to make furries cry
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    No one watch a movie this long, make it shorter
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    Mappin' for life
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    More focus on music choices, other than that, video was great man, loved the effecks :D


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