Plz need help time out

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I always get time out

Hello all can some 1 help me plz i always get time out when i wana join a serverplz help


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    Might want to use correct grammar and spelling, more people might help that way (if my grammar in that sentence sucks too as an irony don't bother pointing that out).

    Anyhoo, could just be a bad internet connection, after you time out, wait for your name to dissapear from the server then re-join and you should be fine.
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    But i wait ant it still doesnt work every time when i wanna join a server it says "disconnected from sever reason : time out
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    Something is probably wrong with your Internet, Time Out means it can't connect to the server.
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    Try connecting to several different servers, and restart your whole computer if you get the message. However it does sound like something on your end may be too slow to pick up what it needs to play the game. We had to do a lot of work on my daughters old computer to get her to be able to play the game. Good Luck!

    Oh and Grammar should be a deciding factor in whether or not a person gets help, kids still play DOD and not all of them are spelling B geniuses. Plus Disabled people play as well, I have a friend who uses the computer by holding a stick in his mouth......he is paralyzed.....think about that the next time you jump right in there and chastise another human for their spelling!
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