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Content manager

Ok so ive gotten my sever set up and running at 512fps server side thanx to help from the community ^^ no i have another issue... i am wanting to put up a site for the server and possibly a clan later on... i have a forums i am gonna be using phpbb3 and im not big on php coding so i cant really make one so i was looking into hosting my own site with a content manager... it really only needs to be a few things... and yes i want to host it on my own machine... it needs to be easy to use/manipulate... it needs to be able to support graphics and video displays such as demos/screen shots... login... needs to be secure... and needs to be able to support donations and such... basically i want to be able to create a professional looking site without too much coding... thanx all who can help


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    So what exactly are you asking for? a coder but you want to be able to change it yourself without having to code?
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    I would suggest something like joomla or drupal for content management, and SMF for a forum :) . There is an addon to joomla for a forum as well.

    Also note that you need to install php and mysql on your computer to run many of these scripts.

    I've been building a script over the past month for content management, but it wouldn't be something you may like; it's more of a blog system than a content management system lol.
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    Yea i already have wamp installed and up and running i just need a downloadable program that i can download and run easily just looking for suggestions on what people have used and like that is all... thanx ill look into joomla


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