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Revolution of online Leagues.

Have you guys heard of the new league coming out they are called FuturTech Gaming League or FGL. They are supposed to be bringing a revolution to all Online Gaming Leagues. The rumors of a CAL take over by them are spreading fast. People say that within a years time CAL will be completely dominated and will become the next OTC or TWL. Obviously, in this case it is a must see there should be no player that has not heard about this new league. The best part is that everyone wants to join Cevo because of the prizes and giveaways but can not financially afford the cost of it. However, FGL offers the same as Cevo but at no charge. They are a free league that offers a challenging system along with the loved pre-determined match format. This league has endless limitations. Check them out. www.fgleague.com #fgleague #fgleague.css Contact FGL|Killer for any questions Later, Killer


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    My apologizes then please delete admin when you find this.
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    It wasn't very good advertisement like the "It will take over CAL."

    You wouldn't be advertising it if it was better than CAL, imo.

    Edit the main post and put done if this thread is done.
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