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Hallo :) I have a problem with some maps. I have The lost temple map, when I started I've got an error message for a missing textures, where can I find them? :) for example: Warning: using WorldTwoTextureBlend on a non-displacement surface. Support for this will go away soon. - Material : de_losttemple/blend_templerock - Surface center : 774 -380 184 Thanks in advance :)


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    Does this actually prevent the map from loading? Cause this happens all the time in maps where a designer doesn't create a displacement face with a displacement material on it.

    it shouldn't prevent the map from working though, de_dust has this same error in it and runs fine. So if the map isn't working correctly, it's not that error you should be worried about.
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    The map working properly, but some objects are purple like as rocks & some of paths, when I installing the map, i've add lots of models handly before running the map.
    sorry for my english :)


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