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Can someone help me?

I installed demo today and i tried to run it, but it gives "error during initialization" im using windows vista btw... can someone help me? log file: Winsock Initialized Found interface: {2CD2DE2C-3861-4884-9BD7-6E48A251BDBD} Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) - Found interface: {0DFB8063-F0DE-4DB0-99C5-DE5EFB844A94} Hamachi Network Interface - Sys_InitNetworking: adding loopback interface engine using MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 for SIMD processing enabled Flush-To-Zero mode enabled Denormals-Are-Zero mode --------- Initializing File System ---------- Loaded pk4 C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/game000.pk4 with checksum 0xc01bb9a0 Loaded pk4 C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/pak001.pk4 with checksum 0x4a4195c2 Loaded pk4 C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/zpak_english.pk4 with checksum 0xab62ab5e Current search path: C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/zpak_english.pk4 (779 files) C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/pak001.pk4 (7663 files) C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/game000.pk4 (2 files) game DLL: 0x0 in pak: 0x0 Addon pk4s: file system initialized. --------------------------------------------- Running in restricted demo mode. ------------ Initializing Decls ------------- Loading guides.... 59 loaded 413ms to load 1064k of material 87ms to load 43k of skin 181ms to load 719k of sound 2ms to load 1k of materialType 358ms to load 2078k of lipSync 109ms to load 105k of playback 1148ms to load 1666k of effect --------------------------------------------- Detected 2.39 GHz CPU 1920 MB of System memory 128 MB of Video memory on an optimal video architecture This system qualifies for Low quality. -------- Initializing renderSystem ---------- using ARB renderSystem renderSystem initialized. --------------------------------------------- Found default language English with VO 641 strings read from strings/english_code.lang 1669 strings read from strings/english_guis.lang 5631 strings read from strings/english_lips.lang 6100 strings read from strings/english_maps.lang Couldn't open journal files execing default.cfg couldn't exec editor.cfg couldn't exec Quake4Config.cfg couldn't exec autoexec.cfg -------- Initializing Sound System ---------- sound system initialized. --------------------------------------------- --------------- R_InitOpenGL ---------------- Initializing OpenGL subsystem ...registered window class ...registered fake window class ...initializing QGL ...calling LoadLibrary( 'opengl32' ): succeeded ...calling CDS: ok ...created window @ 0,0 (640x480) Initializing OpenGL driver ...getting DC: succeeded ...PIXELFORMAT 2 selected ...creating GL context: succeeded ...making context current: succeeded ------------ Input Initialization ----------- Initializing DirectInput... mouse: DirectInput initialized. keyboard: DirectInput initialized. --------------------------------------------- ...initializing QAL ...calling LoadLibrary( 'OpenAL32.dll' ): failed sound: hardware reported unable to use multisound, defaulted to stereo sound: STEREO ...using GL_ARB_multitexture ...using GL_ARB_texture_env_combine ...using GL_ARB_texture_cube_map ...using GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 ...using GL_ARB_texture_env_add X..GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two not found ...using GL_NV_blend_square ...using GL_ARB_texture_compression ...using GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc ...using GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic maxTextureAnisotropy: 16.000000 ...using GL_1.4_texture_lod_bias X..GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette not found ...using GL_EXT_draw_range_elements ...using GL_EXT_blend_minmax X..GL_NV_float_buffer not found ...using GL_EXT_texture3D ...using GL_EXT_stencil_wrap X..GL_NV_register_combiners not found X..NV_vertex_program not found X..GL_EXT_stencil_two_side not found ...using GL_ATI_separate_stencil ...using GL_ATI_fragment_shader ...using GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object ...using GL_ARB_vertex_program ...using GL_ARB_fragment_program ...using GL_ARB_shader_objects ...using GL_ARB_fragment_shader ...using GL_ARB_vertex_shader ...using GL_ARB_shading_language_100 X..EXT_depth_bounds_test not found ---------------- R_NV20_Init ---------------- Not available. ----------------- R200_Init ----------------- GL_NUM_FRAGMENT_REGISTERS_ATI: 6 GL_NUM_FRAGMENT_CONSTANTS_ATI: 8 GL_NUM_PASSES_ATI: 2 GL_NUM_INSTRUCTIONS_PER_PASS_ATI: 8 GL_NUM_INSTRUCTIONS_TOTAL_ATI: 16 GL_COLOR_ALPHA_PAIRING_ATI: 1 GL_NUM_LOOPBACK_COMPONENTS_ATI: 3 GL_NUM_INPUT_INTERPOLATOR_COMPONENTS_ATI: 3 FPROG_FAST_PATH --------------------- ---------------- R_ARB2_Init ---------------- Available. --------------------------------------------- ------------ R_ReloadARBPrograms ------------ glprogs/test.vfp glprogs/test.vfp glprogs/interaction.vfp glprogs/interaction.vfp glprogs/bumpyEnvironment.vfp glprogs/bumpyEnvironment.vfp glprogs/ambientLight.vfp glprogs/ambientLight.vfp glprogs/SimpleInteraction.vfp glprogs/SimpleInteraction.vfp glprogs/md5rInteraction4.vp glprogs/md5rInteraction1.vp glprogs/md5rInteraction.vp glprogs/md5rSimple4.vp glprogs/md5rSimple1.vp glprogs/md5rSimple.vp glprogs/md5rStdTex4.vp glprogs/md5rStdTex1.vp glprogs/md5rStdTex.vp glprogs/md5rSkyBox4.vp glprogs/md5rSkyBox1.vp glprogs/md5rSkyBox.vp glprogs/md5rEnvNormal4.vp glprogs/md5rEnvNormal1.vp glprogs/md5rEnvNormal.vp glprogs/md5rEnvReflect4.vp glprogs/md5rEnvReflect1.vp glprogs/md5rEnvReflect.vp glprogs/md5rEnvBump4.vp glprogs/md5rEnvBump1.vp glprogs/md5rEnvBump.vp glprogs/md5rShadow4.vp glprogs/md5rShadow1.vp glprogs/md5rShadow.vp glprogs/md5rBasicFog4.vp glprogs/md5rBasicFog1.vp glprogs/md5rBasicFog.vp glprogs/shadow.vp glprogs/R200_interaction.vp glprogs/nv20_bumpAndLight.vp glprogs/nv20_diffuseColor.vp glprogs/nv20_specularColor.vp glprogs/nv20_diffuseAndSpecularColor.vp glprogs/environment.vfp glprogs/environment.vfp glprogs/arbVP_glasswarp.txt glprogs/arbFP_glasswarp.txt glprogs/arbVP_depth.vp: File not found glprogs/arbFP_depth.fp: File not found glprogs/arbFP_depth_coc.fp: File not found --------------------------------------------- using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory using ARB2 renderSystem reloading textures/common/debuggraph. reloading makeIntensity( gfx/lights/squarelight1a). reloading gfx/lights/squarelight1. reloading gfx/lights/round. reloading gfx/guis/mainmenu/splash. reloading gfx/2d/bigchars. reloading gfx/guis/soundmeter/audiobg. reloading gfx/guis/white. reloading gfx/guis/guicursor_arrow. reloading gfx/guis/guicursor_hand. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbarh. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbarv. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbar_thumb. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbar_right. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbar_left. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbar_up. reloading gfx/guis/scrollbar_down. found DLL in pak file: C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/game000.pk4/gamex86.dll copy gamex86.dll to C:/Program Files/id Software/Quake 4 Demo/q4base/gamex86.dll could not create destination file ******************** ERROR: DLL extraction to fs_savepath failed ******************** Error during initialization Shutting down OpenGL subsystem ...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success ...deleting GL context: success ...releasing DC: success
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