My Joke Band

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Cover songs and shenanigans inside.

Well, I was bored and decided to share some of these recordings with more people than just Gez and Spawndex. With that being said, feel free to take a listen us, D to the P and the Uptown Funkadelic. Keep in mind that this is just a joke band, and is solely meant to pay tribute to some of our favorite artists or songs that just happen to climax in those sex holes on the side of your head. Paul Gilbert - Fly me to the Moon Santana - Black Magic Woman For the first song, my friend provided the guitar track while I just overdubbed the vocals. However, I laid down the guitar and vocal tracks for the Santana cover, using a professionally made backtrack solely meant for jamming purposes. It's mostly about the guitar work, since whatever knowledge and skill I have in singing comes from dominating songs on a karaoke machine or being a village drunkard.


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