Video Recorder?

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

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I was wondering if there was a video recorder for CS:S, or a converter for DEM files. I was wondering because I was watching CS:S videos on YouTube and it looked really good. Just wonderin'.


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    You'll want this tutorial.

    Once again, if anyone mentions Fraps, their balls will be removed.

    Fibbs, I'll get you when you're sleeping. You'll never see your balls again.
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    Surely you've heard of Fraps haven't you? Pretty much everyone uses it. There is a sort of way to 'convert' .dem files but I can't remember where the tutorial was.
    .dem files aren't actually convert-able though, they just tell CS:S what to do(replay what happened), there aren't actually any pictures in them.
    Anyway, I'd use Fraps. The free version is only 30 secs though(then you have to press record again), but there's always ways to get the paid version, if you catch my drift.


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