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A Forum Thread for Battlefield 1942

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What do you love/hate about this game

Imo hate the plane flying But the time your airbourne Your shot down by a jap/german , And the controls are pathetic when flying But i guess thats what Joysticks are for :) In saying that its NOT a flying game, But i absolutely love how well done the game was for the time it was released, Its really good to see that people still play this and i think it helped revolutinise online gaming with its vast landscapes and deathmatch Sharing is caring :P


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    I don't hate anything, I love everything. My only problem is that the snipers don't feel as long ranged and powerful as they should.
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    Posted by iTunes


    What is it with you bumping threads?
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    Digital Artist
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    Fuck you iTunes. Both you and the program suck dick.

    On topic, however -- I, like Punisher113, feel as though the snipers are not effective.


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