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We Create Mission Packs for Condition Zero



Team Condition Revival (formerly Team Resurrection) is a game studio that create Mission Packs for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and there goals are to revive the glory of Mission Packs for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and keeping Counter-Strike: Condition Zero alive.

Want to join our studio? Please follow the instructions below:

  1. You must have an experience (or little experience) in creating a Mission Pack for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
  2. You must have an experience (or little experience) in creating a Bot Profile Database for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Official Bots.
  3. You must have an experience (or little experience) in creating a banner for your Mission Pack (At least you have an experience in Computer Art) (Optional).
  4. You must have a Mission Pack that you have created and published here at GAMEBANANA.
  5. The most important rule is when you want to join this studio, please put an acceptable reason why you want to join Team Condition Revival (Very Important).

If you have problems with one of the rules (ex. You don't know how to create a Bot Profile Database, ask GTA_LCS_Gamer, and he'll try his best to solve the problem.)

If you're a member of the studio, please follow the rules below:

  1. This studio is a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Mission Pack exclusive studio. If you publish a Project, WIP or Patches & Updates that it's subject is a Condition Zero Mission Pack, it is allowed.
  2. Please be a nice and mature member of the studio. Don't be rude towards members and leaders of the studio including non-TCR (Team Condition Revival) members and GameBanana Admins.

To join our studio, read the instructions above and Click here.




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  • 4mo
    12 or more years ago, I played CZ mission packs constantly. I just wanted to say how cool it is to see that there are still people out here making these. I have basically downloaded all of them, and also downloaded all the ones I remembered from before - Op X Code Omega, Tony-Strike etc etc. It is very cool and underappreciated the effort that goes into making these and I just wanted to say how neat it was for me to see this.

    CZ is an underappreciated game in general, I did not realize people were still making Mission Packs. Thank you!!!
  • 12mo
    EllijahNeurax avatar
    EllijahNeurax Joined 2y ago
    266 points Ranked 15646th
    The best Studio to find ur CZ mission packs..The best choice, for the best time killer!! 
    The 50 caliber Faggot
  • 1y
    Dude,I want to get to you)))
  • 2y
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    Royalist username pic Joined 3y ago
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    This studio has to release more mission packs for CZ!
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