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There was a young texturer named vishal543 who dreamed to become an amazing texturer. On his journey in achieving his goal, he found that he required help from the professionals. He also found users who are making good content but require help. Because of this, vishal's mind was struck by an idea of making a studio where all the users could help each other and achieve their goals. That was how "Rampage Studios" was born. Since our inception, we strive at making quality custom content for you!

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to make the best quality content for you to make your game much better!

Notice Board

We are currently Hiring skilled people.

The criteria to join here are:

  • Have experience in any field (models, textures, guis etc
  • Be helpful to studiomates and not having inappropriate behaviour
Think you met this criterias? - Then Join Us

If u have any queries - please PM vishal543



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