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My Steam: ================ About me: ================ - Age: 20 - Country: Czech Republic - Iam Mapper and Server Master About this studio: ================ - This studio is created for CS:GO community. We creating everything for PaintBall in CS:GO. Info about PaintBall: ================ - http://forum.rebelions.cz/topic/845-csgo-all-about-paintball/ We need your help! ================ - If you want to help us in this studio like maps, models or sounds etc. just **send reguest** and **send me message** about with you want help us :) PaintBall - Maps ================ Arena (**pb_**) - pb_dust_fix - pb_ontop_battle_csgo - pb_ontop_hall_csgo - pb_norrington_black_sunset - pb_norrington_blue - pb_norrington_rgb_winter King of The Hill (**pb_koth**) - pb_koth_egypt - WIP Capture The Flag (**pb_ctf**) - Work in Progress Town Elimination (**pb_te**) - Work in Progress



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