The Fempyro Distraction Pak! - A Spray for Team Fortress 2


Another Update because why not? 12mo
  • Tweak Added a transparent hole on the fempyro_pyromancer file.
As I said, I'm crap at making something transparent from photos that are used to be not transparent.
White Edges Fix (Part 1?) 12mo Tweak

Why did i do this?

Yes, I did this in November because why not?
No, I didn't make the artwork.
Yes, I made the title Pak and not Pack.
Yes, the logo looks like shit.
and Yes, I'm h o r n y

(Its now back due to the withheld now)

This Spray pack includes 4 Rule 34'd Fempyros from Twitter.
The Following files are:
and a new one: fempyro_furry
both of them have their vtf and vmt.

Instructions in ZIP.
(I'll show you some examples on different maps if I got time.)
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