Sniper warning sign

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Used to make the sniepr design,and then just edited the picture.



  • 1mo
    Sorry to say this, but it's a quite sloppy job.

    Spacing between the various items/text is not correct, there's a typo that makes me think you didn't even check 2 times ("professinal"), there are white corners, and the sniper would look so much better if only you used SFM or TFMV, this last one much easier to use  and quite light to download.
  • 2mo
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    Kitt Stargazer avatar Awake
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    Biggest thing I'd do is remove the corners, which would help it dramatically look better in the game by itself.

    Next I'd put a little wear on the sign perhaps to make it feel a little more detailed, which will in turn up the quality.

    I'd also consider better faults and no Exclamation marks IMO.

    Lastly, for some added flare, maybe add a few bullet holes in it to make it look like the sign itself had been shot once or twice by a sniper for added texture.
    Lunar Knight avatar
    Lunar Knight
  • 2mo
    It's good, but if I had to give feedback, it would be: try to remove the white ends on the spray, blend the sniper in, maybe clone him and color him completely black, then put him behind the original one.
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    Ate 100 berries, skin now blue
  • 2mo
    Vipisland avatar
    Vipisland He's Dead, Anon
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    Not legit enough... needs at least lime green paint
    I like to comment
  • 2mo
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    Oh he's got the awper hand. Clearly a pro. Clearly.

    Oh and he's wearing painted cosmetics, clearly not a guy you wanna fuck with.
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    Oversensitive sociopath
  • 2mo




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Just Sil3nc3
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Just Sil3nc3
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