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Commander Keen: Thumbs Up

A Spray for Team Fortress 2

Commander Keen giving you the O.K.

Ahh, the good old days when MS-DOS was the cutting edge in Microsoft Technology. Made using a 32x32 sprite as a reference, I recreated it in glorious 512x512, as a transparent spray. _**So don your football helmets, and get into your Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket, and save the universe!**_



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    Why haven't I gotten Commander Keen on Steam yet? ... Oh yeah, I have no cash. I'll just use this spray in the meantime.
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    GJ, sprayer! You have my vote for the best monthly sprayer.
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    pizza pls
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    Oh, MAN I miss this Wonderful Game. I remember when back then, I had only this game to play. Me and my friends would all gather 'round and play it till our fingers popped off. And Now, I get to make those same friends feel even older when I have this spray. Danke for makin' this.


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    The Sound Sensation!


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Key Authors
Vectoring, Modifying, and Ingame Testing
Original Authors
id Software
Developing and Distributing Commander Keen
Special Thanks
Tom Hall
Creating and Designing the Commander Keen Trilogy.


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Development Info

I may create an alt. version of this spray, but with his loading thumbs up animation.
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