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A Spray for Counter-Strike: Source

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Anyway If there is a problem with my post pm me

Okay I will explain to you why I change my name. First: My real name is Yeon Ji Hee and my nickname is Aru. Second: My name is not Hweji, she is my Best friend. Third: We are both using this account so far. Fourth: Sometimes I'm busy so I let her use my account. So that's all please respect me as I respect you all I want to do is to share my Idea in sprays no more fighting. Because that's my talent Graphic Artist? Well if there is a problem pm me.



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    - It works.


    - Badly animated, random blur effects applied to certain frames that make no sense.
    - Awesome Face is not funny at all and considered spam on this site.


    the snacker
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    **smiley face simple but good**


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    Awesomeface hasn't been relevant for years

    The blur spam of the spray is quite annoying, too.


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    GTA is best Final Fantasy


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The Spray Maker
Yeon Ji Hee (Me)
For animating this image
Special thanks
Gimp 2.8
Image Manipulation Software
Adobe Photoshop Cs6
Photo Editing Software
For the Idea of Animation
And for you people
For always correcting my mistakes :)
Original Author


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Yeon Aru
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70 bScore
5.7 Rating

4 voters

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