Enemy is Spotted going here

A Spray for Counter-Strike: Source

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Sorry about putting up so many screenshots. Actually it's only six XD It's because I was trying different places for this kind of spray. Anyways, I thought this would trick enemies (or your friends) that a enemy was spotted and was going in that direction. Notice that the arrow points to the left. So you gotta know which wall is a proper place for this spray. You can put it next to a door. Or entry ways like screenshot 2 and 4. I dunno. If you don't want things to be so difficult with this spray, then it's okay. You don't have to follow the rules if you don't wanna. **Installation Instructions:** 1. Download 2. When rar/zip file opens up, highlight all the files. Or just the "enemy spotted" image 3. Open up the C Disk. Or D Disk. Whatever disk/file you have that the game options can access to. 4. Copy and paste the "enemy spotted" image onto the disk. 5. Launch Counter-Strike:Source. 6. Click "Options". 7. Click "Import Spray..." 8. At the address bar/directory, find the disk/file that you pasted the image in 9. Double-click on that image/open And you are good to go :D Here's a video: This video shows AFTER you've download and extracted the spray. To view the tutorial page: Okay well, enjoy this spray :)



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