Misao Kusakabe Food Loop

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Recursive animated spray of Misao Kusakabe from episode 18 of Lucky Star.

This spray was created by myself, QuackMasterDan, on March 4 2010. While watching episode 18 of Lucky Star, I noticed near the end of the episode an exact duplicate animation for the eating a piece of cheese versus that of a meatball. Misao being my favorite character on the show, I figured this animation loop would make for a high-quality recursive spray for other Lucky Star fans. I believe the image is a success - it transitions well;I have received some compliments and WTF remarks in TF2 matches, and looks good on any machine. I hope you enjoy this image in gaming across the interwebs. Spray Creation: I used VirtualDub to extract and splice the video from episode 18, which then exported the footage into a PNG image sequence. Adobe Imageready was used to import the frames as a single animation, and filtered down the 79 frames to 15. These 15 frames were scaled down to 128x128 (squished widescreen footage though), and exported as PNG24s. VTFEdit then imported the image sequence, and by not calculating mipmaps, I was able to squeeze in far more frames than normal with DXT1 compression. VTFEdit then exported the VTF and VMT files.




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