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Zoey STFU!

I think it's safe to say we've all been there. Someone has the GENIUS idea of spamming with "tank!" "ha ha ha" or "aaaaaaaah!". It was funny on day one, but seriously, it's annoying as hell now. Tell them to STFU with this spray =)



  • 9y
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    Thank you all for the great feedback and critiques. I'll definitely consider making some changes to the spray.

    I was surprised no one said anything about Bill's shoes (he wears combat boots), something I've been wanting to fix.

    From the looks of things, I'll probably remove the top fade-out, make squinty-eyes, and flatten the "stfu" a little bit, maybe adjust the color too. I don't think I'll enlarge bill and zoey though since the "tank" spamming should hold dominance in the composition. That said, I am thinking of making the background stand out more.
    I'd rather be diving. avatar
    I'd rather be diving.
  • 9y
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    Pros: Cool Idea, funny and relevant, and a nice little presentation of Bill and Zoey.
    Cons: The "STFU!" text is a little distracting.
    Improvements: Change the style for the "STFU!" text, I feel its a little distracting and should maybe be changed to a more faint color.
    Notes: Really cool keep it up


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  • 9y
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    Pros: Finally, someone decides to lay off the "Noob and Owned" sprays, and finally made one about something a lot funnier, spam. This spray is pretty funny, I like the design of it and the text was done well, it stands out from the characters. I also love the fade on the bottom of the image, makes it look like a new line is about to start.

    Cons: The fade on the top is not necessary, instead, you should keep the text solid on top, but fade away on the bottom.

    Improvements: Make the text on the top half solid and keep the rest as is, the spray is fine and doesn't really need other improvements besides that.

    Notes: Good funny spray, lots of humor packed in it and originality. I'd love to see some more work from you, keep this up!


    Wat avatar
  • 9y
    Omena avatar
    Omena Offline
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    6,592 points Ranked 678th
    I hate when people do "tank" spam.
    This is quite funny :P
    Yes no. avatar
    Yes no.
  • 9y
    SloMoFio avatar
    SloMoFio Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    17,591 points Ranked 247th
    Pros: Gotta be fucking kidding me, I already wrote an assessmnt and everything, but for some reason it didn't save it, that's annoying. First thing, the idea is really really good, very original, I don't think anyone made a spray about it. I also like the characters you drew, I like it's style and the way that bill looks crazy. Oh, and the fadings you did on the 'tank' text makes the spray look less sealed and more inserted

    Cons: The 'tank' spray makes me go crazy, it looks really annoying, I don't know if it's the color or the style or whatever, it is annoying. Like Teh Inspector said, the characters are a bit too small.

    Improvements: I would defintely do something with the 'tank' text. I would also see if bigger characters will look good on the spray, cause it might block the 'tank' text, and we don't want that.

    Notes: Nice work, keep it up!


    Die when I kill you! avatar
    Die when I kill you!
  • 9y
    Fkng hillaryous xD


    Back after about 4 years. :) avatar
    Back after about 4 years. :)
  • 9y
    Teh Inspector avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    25,565 points Ranked 171st
    Pros: Very nice spray! I love any cartoonish sprays because they are all look nice as this one. Bill looks like he's going mad of this :D
    Background is very well done and these fadings are just awesome. The Bill's "STFU" looks very nice inside of this white thing(don't know how to name it :P).

    Cons: I think characters are not enough big in this spray and their size could be a bit bigger to fill the emptiness in the apper area.
    This your white thing looks too simple - try to use some styles on it, such as shadows, maybe some textures to make it interesting :D
    Also your "STFU" doesn't fit in your "Tank!" text because of its color. I think you need to use color similar to the background's one so everything could perfectly blend :D

    Improvements: Play with colors of your background text, "STFU", and try not ot make your white thing that simple :D
    And of course try to make the characters a bit bigger to fill the emtinesss.

    Notes: Very nice and funny spray, which containing excessive shouting :D


    Thoughtless avatar
  • 9y
    Hugoku avatar
    Hugoku Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    855 points Ranked 5539th
    Creativity: Hehe. Yes. Very creative.
    Detail: An amazing amount of detail in such a small image.
    Humor: I laughed a bit. Well, giggled. Giggled like a man.
    Originality: Haven't seen stuff like this before, well done!
    Style: The only thing that bugs me is Bill's... unusual facial expression. I think I'd have liked it more if he had a sort-of ">_<" look on his face.
    Overall: Well done! I think I might use it sometime!


    That post is not one of ours!


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Development Info

Just drew in and colored the art in photoshop. Resized and sharpened for spray upload.


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