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One Flew Over the Sentry

A Spray for GameBanana

TF2 based parody of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Ever tried jumping over a Sentry Gun as a Demoman or Soldier only to be shot up into the air like an oversized clay pigeon? Follow up spray to "Demoman on the Roof". This may yet become an extended series if I can think of some good films for the other classes.



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    Pros: Very akin to the original poster, the paper tears and whatnot were a nice touch and works well. Cons: The Engineer looks somewhat emotionless, and the quality is frankly not the best. Although, there's only so much you can do with sprays. Improvements: Engineer needs a grin or something. Some sort of expression that you can see more clearly. Perhaps credits at the bottom of the poster as well? Notes: All around nice and likable spray, makes you smile when you see it.


    We need a dispenser right here
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    I think putting "The Engineer" at the top really throws off what this is trying to say/be. I would have never guessed it was about being thrown up by a sentry, or it was a movie poster.
    Just telling it like it is.
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    How about "Of Heavy and Medics"?
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    We are temporarily unavailable
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    Really like this one. Text is very well done. Nice edges on the poster too. :)


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    What would nemmy do?


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Development Info

Another TF2 movie poster spray, the specific title this time chosen from suggestions made by clanmates. Mostly constructed in the same way as previously, though using a few more elements of the original poster directly as I had a better quality source to work with. The Engineer was posed in GMod especially for this project. Further information on the film, including a copy of the original poster, can be found on Wikipedia here. Apologies the screenshot is under slightly darker conditions than usual. Taking in bright sunlight whited out the detail in the fence.
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