Demoman on the Roof

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TF2 based parody of "Fiddler on the Roof".

A film poster for "Demoman on the Roof", the movie musical containg such clasic songs as "If I were an Explosives Expert". This spray is a parody of the movie "Fiddler on the Roof", referencing that annoying habit of sneaky Demomen of getting up high and raining down grenades and sticky bombs from above.



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    It's weird because my school is putting on this musical soon. Good job on the spray.


    Save our Bluths!
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    I don't know why I like it, but I really do!
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    Fractals in Nature
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    Man, icassu has got some real class.
    People could stand to learn a thing or two from your high quality work.
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    Pros: Freaking awesome!
    Cons: None that I can see.
    Improvements: More sprays like this! The spy that stabbed me, etc.


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    will map 4 füd
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    Good spray. It has some nice touches on it and the style is pretty original cause I don't see these types of sprays done often now.


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    Really nice looking spray there, nice boarder too. :)


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    What would nemmy do?


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Development Info

I had this idea for a spray during a tough defence of Gravelpit Point B last night, hearing one of my team mates warn of a persistent roof monkey for the dozenth time. Yes, I do have odd thoughts sometimes, why do you ask? ;)

Spray mostly drawn by hand using one the original movie posters as a guide, exception being the Demoman which I rendered from an official image then silhouetted. For the tearing and other imperfections on the poster I took the L4D campaign posters as a guide. These were all done by hand using a small brush, and probably would have been easier with a graphics tablet!

For those that don't know the film, details can be found on Wikipedia here. I'll have to admit I haven't actually seen it myself, just liked the idea for the spray. tracking pixel