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Persona 5 Royal Music Pack - A Sound Mod for Persona 3 FES


Version 2.2 2mo
  • - Fixed mementos music track loop when in block 4 of Tartarus.
2.1 2mo Version 1.5 2mo Version 1.4 2mo Version 1.3 2mo
Swaps Persona 3 FES's Music with Persona 5 Royal's. (Also have added two more tracks from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as surprise tracks.)

Here is a list of the tracks I replaced:

The Voice Someone Calls - Mementos

Shadow - Run,Run,Run!

Basement - Sweatshop

Deep Mentality - Price

When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars - Tokyo Emergency

Mass Destruction - Take Over

Master of Shadow - Blooming Villain

Unavoidable Battle - Rivers In the Desert

Burn My Dread (Last Battle) - Our Beginning

Battle Hymn of the Soul - Jaldabaoth

Master of Tartarus - Keeper of Lust

Kyoto - Thin Happiness 

Troubled - Reasoning

That Which Comes from the Darkness - Blood of Villain

Living With Determination - Alleycat

Joy - General -Slower Tempo-

Fearful Experiance - Suspicious 3

Calamity - Suspicious

This Mysterious Feeling - No More What Ifs (Instrumental ver.)

The Path is Open - The Spirit

Want To Be Close - Beneath the Mask -instrumental version-

Changing Seasons - So Happy World 

Iwatodai Dorm - No More What Ifs (Vocals)

Tanaka's Amazing Commodities - Tanaka's Shady Commodities

Paulownia Mall - Layer Cake

After the Battle - Triumph

The Path Was Closed - Aria Of The Soul

Tartarus Blocks - Royal Mementos Themes

Living With Determination (Iwatodai Dormitory Arrange) - Ep34 Event Arrange

Mistic - Interrogation Room

Memories of the City - Ep34 Event Arrange

Tranquility - Beneath the Mask -instrumental version-

The Power of the Heart - The Spirit

Adventured act - Bar Newcomer

Memories of the School - Sunset Bridge

During the Exams... - Life Goes On

Afternoon Break - What's Going On?

Interstice of Time - Gentle Madman

Between Doors - Classic Mode: Mural (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

The Snow Queen - When Mother was There 

Maya Theme - Life Will Change

Persona - I Believe

Time Castle - The Light Realm: March (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Mass Destruction (P3 FES version) - Last Surprise

Blind Alley - Beneath the Mask

Heartful Cry - Keeper of Lust

Darkness - Throw Away Your Mask

Brand New Days (The Beginning) - Royal Days 


  • harel avatar
    harel Joined 10d ago
    you are amazing. can you add this for persona 4 golden i started it now and i so want to play the game with persona 5 royal music please dud please!
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  • xdJTyler avatar
    xdJTyler Joined 8mo ago
    224 points Ranked 64,666th
    2mo 2mo
    Hi awesome music pack, but I'm at the start of the game and the song that plays in Gekkoukan high just cuts out.

    EDIT: Never mind I guest if you save state and load it, the audio cuts out.
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  • Awesome sound pack! Any plans of doing this one and the P4G one for P3P as well?
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  • Klaatu2u avatar
    Klaatu2u Joined 1y ago
    550 points Ranked 49,386th
    Sorry, I couldn't see your response to my post on the previous version of this mod. But I'm assuming you said you're not gonna add the Royal Mementos themes in a future update?
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