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Persona 4 Golden Music Pack - A Sound Mod for Persona 3 FES


Version 2.1 2mo
  • - The Track I replaced with "Joy" has a better loop.
Version 2.0 2mo Version 1.2 2mo Version 1.1 2mo
Swaps Persona 3 FES's Music with Persona 4 Golden's like Reach Out The Truth over Mass Destruction. (Also have added a track from Persona 5 Royal, a another one from Sonic Adventure, and two more from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as surprise tracks.)

Here is a list of the tracks I replaced:

The Voice Someone Calls - Studio Backlot

Shadow - Borderline of Madness (Boss Awakened)

Basement - Secret Base 

Deep Mentality - Theater

When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars - Heartbeat, Heartbreak

Mass Destruction - Reach Out To the Truth

Master of Shadow - I'll Face Myself (Battle)

Unavoidable Battle - A New World Fool

Burn My Dread (Last Battle) - The Genesis

Battle Hymn of the Soul - The Fog

Master of Tartarus - Reach Out to the Truth [Mini-Boss]

Troubled - Reasoning

That Which Comes from the Darkness - Borderline of Madness (Boss Awakened)

Living With Determination - Traumerei

Joy - Like a Dream Come True

Fearful Experiance - Who's There?

Calamity - Zone Time

This Mysterious Feeling - Alone

The Path is Open - The Path is Open (P4ver.)

Want To Be Close - New Days

Changing Seasons - SNOWFLAKES

Iwatodai Dorm - Signs of Love

Paulownia Mall - How Much?

After the Battle - Period

The Path Was Closed - Aria Of The Soul

Tartarus Block 1 - Castle

Tartarus Block 2 - Sauna

Tartarus Block 5 - Heaven

Tartarus Block 6 - Long Way

Living With Determination (Iwatodai Dormitory Arrange) - Alone

Mistic - Corridor 

Memories of the City - Alone

Tranquility - New Days

The Power of the Heart - The Power of the Heart (P4ver.)

Adventured act - P3 Fes (Persona 3) [Iwatodai Club Music]

Memories of the School - Smile

During the Exams... - Specialist

Afternoon Break - Youthful Lunch

Interstice of Time - Memory

Between Doors - Classic Mode: Mural (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

The Snow Queen - Game

Maya Theme - Mementos -Upper Class-

Persona - The Light Realm: March (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Time Castle - Sky Deck a Go! Go! (Sonic Adventure)

Mass Destruction (P3 FES version) - Time to Make History

Blind Alley - A Sky Full Of Stars

Heartful Cry - I'll Face Myself (Battle)

Darkness - I'll Face Myself (Reincarnation)

Brand New Days (The Beginning) - Glimpse of a Memory


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