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Persona 4 Golden, SMT 1 2 and if... music mod - A Sound Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Video files update 6mo
  • Addition Edited video files
All video files are done

SMT mod

95% done I'm trying to get BGM051 to work plus comment if any of the songs is working. :D (some of the songs are edited) EDIT. In Persona 4 put BGM volume at 10

The Genesis-----Boss Battle (Akira Chapter) SMT IF... PS1

Reach Out To The Truth-----Battle SMT1 PS1

I'll Face Myself -Battle-----Boss SMT1 PS1

A New World Fool-----Mid-Boss Battle SMT2 PS1

The Almighty-----Alice SMT2 PS1

The Fog-----Battle (Akira Chapter) SMT IF... PS1

The Genesis (?)-----Old Enemy (Akira Chapter) SMT IF... PS1

Period-----Level Up SMT1 PS1

New Days-----Gym SMT2 PS1

I'll Face Myself-----Heroine SMT 2 PS1

狂気の境界線 (Border of Insanity)----- Chaos SMT1 PS1

Who's There?-----En Coint SMT1 SCD

SMILE-----Law SMT 1 PS1

Deduction-----Chaos SMT2 PS1

Strength of Heart-----Terminal 2 SMT2 PS1

The Path is Open-----Terminal 3 SMT2 PS1

Current Net Price Tanaka-----Casino SMT2 PS1

Youthful Lunch-----Dream SMT1 PS1

specialist-----Ginza SMT1 PS1

Corner of Memories-----Title-1 SMT2 PS1

Poem for Everyone's Souls-----Jakyo Manor SMT2 PS1

How Much?-----Shop SMT1 PS1

Your Affection-----Kichijouji SMT1 PS1

Heartbeat, Heartbreak-----Arcade Street SMT1 PS1

Omen-----2D Siren SMT2 PS1

Signs of Love-----Home SMT1 PS1

Alone-----Enemy Appears SMT1 PS1

Studio Backlot-----Palace of the Four Heavenly Kings SMT1 PS1

Castle-----3D Valhalla SMT2 PS1

Sauna-----3D Virtual Battler SMT2 PS1

Striptease-----Disco SMT2 PS1

Game-----Ginza SMT1 SNES

Secret Base-----Embassy SMT1 PS1

Heaven-----Cathedral SMT1 PS1

Long Way-----2D Makai SMT2 PS1

Corridor-----Ending SMT IF... PS1

Joy (Persona 3)-----Memory Recovery SMT2 PS1

Fearful Experience (Persona 3)-----Demon Fusion SMT2 PS1

Crisis (Persona 3)-----Majin SMT2 PS1

P3 FES-----Title SMT IF... PS1

Like a dream come true-----Neutral SMT1 PS1

狂気の境界線 (Border of Insanity [2nd Loop )-----Majin SMT IF... PS1

狂気の境界線 (Border of Insanity [3rd Loop )-----Majin SMT IF... PS1

ZONE TIME-----Enemy Encounter (Akira Chapter) SMT IF... PS1

推理 - Another Version-----Neutral-1 SMT2 PS1

I'll Face Myself -Another Version-----Game Over SMT2 PS1

Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-----Battle SMT1 SNES

夢想曲-----Law SMT2 PS1

Everyday Sunshine-----Epilogue SMT1 PS1

(Unknown title)-----Title SMT1 PS1

A Sky Full of Stars-----Shibuya SMT1 PS1

Let's Go to the Beach-----Game Over SMT1 PS1


Memory-----2D Underground World SMT2 PS1

Time to Make History-----Battle SMT2 PS1

I'll Face Myself (Reincarnation) Phase 1-----Terminal 1 SMT2 PS1

I'll Face Myself (Reincarnation) Phase 2-----Terminal 1 SMT2 PS1

Maiden of the Empty Forest-----Alice SMT IF... PS1

Shin Mitsuo Tensei-----Boss Battle SMT1 SNES

Electronica in the Velvet Room (filtered)-----Mansion of Heresy SMT1 PS1

It's SHOWTIME!-----Encounter SMT2 PS1

p4ct017_e_1-----Staff Roll SMT IF... PS1

p4ct042_e-----Ending SMT1 PS1


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    "Find the ending song bgm"
    Unfortunately, you can't. It's saved as a video file.
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