Leetle Cart Music - Full Songs

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Because this tech plays more music.

Alternate version: Full songs on the cart instead of those tiny loops! These versions aren't in the original pack, because they work slightly different. The sound files are .mp3s instead of the usual .wavs, because who wants a 50MB .wav stuttering up their game? Pros: +Full song, not a little loop. Cons: -Uses custom game_sounds.txt, so if you already have a custom one, this'll overwrite it. Furthermore, TF2 auto-deletes this file after every big update to maintain consistency. If you're going to delete the cart sound, don't forget to delete scripts/game_sounds.txt too. (The only thing changed about the file, however, is changing the "cart_rolling.wav" line to "cart_rolling.mp3", which you could do yourself.) -May cause stutter from initially loading the mp3. -May make cart completely silent on sv_pure servers. -No "Volga Boatmen" Heavy song, because, well, there is no full version. Original readme: Engineer is credit to team! Help relieve boredom by adding leetle radio speaker to cart! Is hi-tech quality of 1960's speaker, top of line in Russia! Now leetle cart plays music! Battery is powered by cart wheels, so if you wanting music, WE MUST PUSH LEETLE CART! Faster cart move, faster the music play! Cart soundtrack: Playing With Danger Rocket Jump Waltz TF2 Theme To install: Pick the song you want, and inside the folder, you'll find the tf folder that you'll want to merge with your own.



  • 9y
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    Posted by Heavys Metal

    This actually makes it annoying to Push the Cart....

    What? So you're rating it down because you don't like it? Rate as it is! It's functional(almost the updates are annoying), It's creative and it's kind of realistic considering how boring it is to push the cart!


    Well... This sucks.
  • 9y
    AndyMan avatar
    AndyMan Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Just epic....I don't mind that ill need to re download every update. Its just too epic

    Everything about it is great, good work my friend.



  • 9y
    Turkey72 avatar
    Turkey72 Offline
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    Thanks 2 this i replaced my file with carramelldansen :P
    Don't eat me avatar
    Don't eat me
  • 9y
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    Das_Otto Offline
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    This actually makes it annoying to Push the Cart....


    Metal is forever
  • 9y
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    Pros: Love the idea! Im gonna play it. Much thx


    I´m no hero..never was... avatar
    I´m no hero..never was...


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