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Better Hgrunt Voice Pack (Wip) V1 - A Sound Mod for Black Mesa

"Sorry Micheal But im taking over here"

This is my first Workshop addon ever.

This is one of the biggest voice acting projects ive ever done and i am only barely half done.
the newer voice lines in black mesa never sat right with me they were either too scared or too unproffesional.
there also wasnt allot of variation and the death sounds were pretty bad.
so i had the crazy idea to just Redo it all! and better!
ive recorded over 1000 voice lines for this revoice and i am mostly satisfied with the result so far.
right now i am pretty much done with the normal soldier the scripted dialogue is still normal one or 2 sound category's are missing but i have done enough to feel justified to upload what i have done so far.
i also want to know what people think about my voice acting tallent. anyways this is stage 1 of an 4 staged mod i will do the other hgrunt types like the medic commander sniper and grenadier as well giving them unique voice lines compared to the retail where they are all the same.
i am very excited to see what you guys think about this. i hope this works out. ps. i am dutch and my spelling isnt perfect il resolve this in newer versions.

Major Credit to Citizen5

Things this revoice feature:
1.A metric f*ckton more variation and quantity in Voice lines.
2.Actuall Proper Death sounds (gibs not properly included yet)
3.Proper Pain sounds lol
4.Passionate Voice acting from a die hard fan of the series.
5.Way to many ways of saying TARGET SIGHTED!

Missing stuff
Scripted Dialogue
Cursingfromgetting shot (mostly)
Extra Category's


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