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An EPIC Persona 3 FES Music Mod - A Sound Mod for Persona 3 FES


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  • Addition Added a MEGA link for the mod, so that users can still download it from an external source.

A BGM mod that overhauls the Persona 3 FES OST for some neat lil' tracks chosen by yours truly!

So I decided to make a Persona 3 FES Music Mod because I wanted to return to that game but I still wanted it to feel fresh and new.
I made changes to 32 songs in the Persona 3 FES Original Soundtrack. And while most of the changes made are for the journey, I still changed some of the songs from the Answer.
The changes are as follows:

The Journey:

The Poem for Everyone's Souls _____________ The Poem for Everyone's Souls Reincarnation Edit (No Intro)
Fearful Experience ___________ Ahead to Silence (PQ)
Iwatodai Station ____________ Deep Breath Deep Breath Reincarnation Ver.
Tranquility ______________ Private Room 1-2 Meld (P3D)
Want to Be Close _____________ Want to Be Close Reincarnation Ver.
When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars ___________ When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars Reincarnation Ver.
The voice that Someone Calls _________ The Voice that Someone Calls PQ ver.
Mass Destruction ___________ Mass Destruction Lotus Juice Remix (P3M)
After the Battle ___________ After the Battle P3D Ver.
Master of Tartarus ___________ Danger Zone (P3P)
Deep Breath Deep Breath (Full Moon Boss) ___________ Deep Breath Deep Breath Yuu Miyake Remix (P3D)
Deep Breath Deep Breath (Event) ____________ Deep Breath Deep Breath Lotus Juice Remix (P3M)
A Deep Mentality ____________ A Deep Mentality Lotus Juice Remix (P3D)
Basement _____________ Past of Ambition (P3M)
Master of Shadow ____________ Fate is in Our Hands (P3M)
Unavoidable Battle ____________ Persona Summoners (P3M)
Joy ____________ Joy -in the Cinema- (PQ2)
Afternoon Break ____________ Party, Party (PQ2)
Changing Seasons ____________ Time Kitajoh Remix (P3D)
Palownia Mall _____________ Pallownia Mall -In the Cinema- (PQ2)
Adventured Act ____________ Burn My dread Novoiski Remix (P3D)
Memories of the School ___________ Because of My Friends (P3M)
Living with Determination -Dorm Arrange- ____________ Living with Determination -Mellow Velvet Mix-
The Battle for Everyone's Souls _____________ One Determination -Edit- (P3M)
Burn My Dread -Final battle- _____________ Burn My Dread -Final Battle- Future Arrange (P3M)

The Answer:

Blind Alley __________ Another World (PQ)
Mass Destruction -FES ver.- ___________ Wiping all Out Kozuka Remix (P3D)
Heartful Cry ___________ Heartful Cry Konishi Remix (P3D)
Darkness ____________ Self Redemption (P3M)
Snow Queen ___________ Flock of Sheep -Lotus Juice-
Maya Theme ___________ Live -Yumi Kawamura-
Persona _____________ Mellow Dream -Yumi Kawamura-
Time Castle ___________ Do for Love - Lotus Juice + Yumi Kawamura-

As you can see, most of the music changes are similar to the Reincarnation BGM Mod, which is mainly due to the fact that those changes fit pretty well, However I didn't just copy the same files from that mod and called it a day, I remade the loops in a higher quality and made some other changes to the games score aswell. I've been thinking about changing tartarus' music too, but I don't know how well that can go.

I also made some pretty radical changes to the music player BGM since instead of being callbacks to previous persona songs, I changed them to other songs from Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura that aren't in any Persona Games.

I made this mod after installing the reincarnation BGM Mod, which I assume is why the Menu music plays Memories of the School instead of the updated music, however apart from that I haven't encountered any problems with this mod so far.

Anyways I hope this mod is to your liking and if anyone has any suggestions for any future music mods or anything like that then let me know and I'll see what I can do :)


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    Hey just a thing here:
    Is there a way you could make an alternate version that's more "Faithful" to the original game's ost? Like Battle for Everyone's Souls using the Reincarnation version, or having Unavoidable battle for the Journey be the reincarnation remix too?
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    Hello! I have a few question about BGM modding. What type of audio files did you use for this mod? And did you ever experience any issues with the track looping? For me, when I try to replace a song it'll play perfectly, but it'll stop playing the song and won't loop :/
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